DVC – Administration and Finance Division

Universities in general exist to educate the population, generate knowledge, and foster the freedom of thought and inquiry. The International Leadership University as a highly specialized institution goes further in seeking to develop leaders of integrity who will change the world.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary for all arms of the institution to work together in order to achieve success through the prudent use of all the resources it has at hand and, in that way, contribute to the transformation of Kenya, Africa, and the world.

The Administration and Finance Division of ILU exists to support all operational functions of the university. It is our role to ensure that structures are in place to facilitate the making of sound decisions, the transmission of guidelines/instructions, and the efficient execution of leadership/management decisions to the best of our institution’s ability in a way that makes be most prudent use of the resources at hand.

Dr. Peter Mutua, DVC-Administration and Finance Division
Dr. Peter Mutua, DVC-Administration and Finance Division

Universities exist to provide an excellent education, carry out research, and advance the values upon which they are founded. In the case of ILU, our role is developing leaders of integrity who are fit to serve the community in every sector in which they are deployed which can best be achieved with proper administrative support.

The Administration and Finance Division does not seek to achieve policy results but rather to drive the processes that allow all other Divisions and Departments of the University successful in achieving their stated mandates. For that reason, the Division deliberately plays a background role as it provides the support necessary for every student, academic staff member, and administrative officer to achieve their purposes.

The Administrative and Finance Division supports good governance, develops the resources (human, financial, and structural) that the University needs, and, in conjunction with the other Divisions/Departments, sets the cultural/ethical framework in which the organization operates.

The evidence of the Administrative and Finance Divison’s living up to its mandate is administrative finesse, seen in a system that is a hub of innovation, that solves difficult problems and that communicates clearly within and outside the institution.