Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology

A degree in Counseling Psychology will guide you in self-awareness i.e. knowing and understanding yourself. You will learn to understand human behavior- why people behave the way they do, so you can meaningfully respond to the issues that bother people. You will also be equipped with techniques to help people handle life challenges for healthier and more satisfying living, amidst the stresses that challenge our wellness and mental health. Successful completion of this program will make you eligible to practice, or seek employment, as a counselor/counseling psychologist in various institutions including schools, NGOs, hospitals, companies, county government offices, etc.

The BACP is a four-year program, beginning in August 2022.

Program Overview                           Credit Hours

  • Core Counseling Courses                               104
  • Research Courses (including Senior Project)   10
  •  Christian Growth and Ministry Courses            11

                                                          Total               125

Admission Requirements

KCSE mean grade C+ and above or its equivalent; Diploma from a recognized tertiary institution; Five credits in IGCSE; or KACE with two principal passes and a subsidiary.


Application Ongoing

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