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Congratulations to ILU on being awarded Letter of Interim Authority on August 26, 2014!

Picture of the Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education; Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang; Chairman of Commission for University Education, Prof. Henry Thairu; Secretary of Commission of University education Prof. David Some with some members of ILU Board of Trustees, Governing Council  during the occasion.



On Monday February 5th 2015, at the first of three public lectures to be held at the International Leadership University by the School of Leadership and Governance, Hon. Senator Prof. Peter Anyang Nyong'o, a scholar of political science tackled the topic: The state of the economy today and the the future: Opportunities and Challenges for Kenya and Africa at large.

Among the issues highlighted included the need for Africa to first strengthen and grow its integrated regional economies, which would stabilize it for strong Inter-African trade; for countries to adequately address the economic structures of development they have, distinguishing them from those they inherited from independence, to adopt some that suit their productivity capacities; for countries to pursue good governance (democratic governance), noting that the socio-political environment determines the pace of positive economic development.

The lecture was brought to a close after two sessions of question and answer where various issues were addressed including using the tools of the Africa Peer Review Mechanism to address the challenge faced by Post-conflict Socities; devolution, tougher laws and stronger anti-corruption agencies being the anti-dote of corruption; positive ethinicity being a good indicator of inclusivity, once a people's rights are met and education being a key factor to the ecomonic development of a country.