School of Theology and Christian Ministry
Welcome to the School of Theology and Christian Ministry
A great place to …
• Discover your calling
• Learn how to interpret the Bible and apply it to the current social issues
• Be equipped to be a missionary to the world
• Experience rich interactions with people from diverse cultures and denominations
• Develop a passion for evangelism and discipleship through active engagement in the field

The School of Theology and Christian Ministry seeks to develop leaders who are a catalyst for the spiritual, social and cultural transformation in African and beyond. The integration of academic excellence, sound biblical theology and practical ministry provides students with a distinctive learning experience.

Academic Programs to suit your needs:
PhD in Theological Studies
Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies
Bachelor of Theology
Diploma in Theology
Diploma in Missions & Church Planting
Certificate in Theology
Certificate in Missions