The Masters of Arts in Counseling program is a two-year program geared towards assisting students in acquiring skills and understanding at an advanced level in Counseling and Psychology theory from a biblical perspective. Students will be trained to conduct research in these areas, conceptualize problems, and implement interventions in light of psychological theory and from a biblically consistent perspective. The program is designed to train individuals to be professional counselors who can competently serve their communities.

The goal of the program is to prepare students to become highly qualified personnel in the field of counseling.  Students will be equipped with modern and classical counseling theories and acquire practical counseling skills which include the ability to conceptualize client problems, develop treatment plans, and utilize the appropriate intervention skills all from within a biblical perspective.

Program Overview

  • Core Courses -48  Credit Hours
  • Research and Internship -12 Credit Hours
  • Additional Required Courses -4 Credit Hours

                 Total 64 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements

  1. Students applying to the Master of Arts program in Counseling should hold a Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  1. Those who have completed a degree in an unrelated field will be required to have completed at least 9 credit hours in counseling or psychology prior to admission.
  1. The Master of Counselling program requires an earned first degree from an accredited university or college with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale.  Students must demonstrate the ability to do post-graduate studies  by maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 during the first year of the masters         program in order to continue in the Master of Counselling program.
  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the English Language, or by scoring a ‘B’ in an English Proficiency Test or its equivalent. The student who scores less than a ‘B’ may be admitted but he/she will be required to undertake a  Remedial English Course during his/her 1st  The student must complete the course with a passing grade or will need to retake the course until he/she receives a passing grade in order to graduate.