Trimester III, MAY – AUGUST 2018

May 3rd -4th 2018 New Students Orientation
May 4th 2018 New Students and Continuing Students Registration
May 7th – 3rd August 2018 Trimester III Classes
May 7th – 30th June 2018 8 Week Quad for Bachelors & Masters
May 7th 2018 All 3rd Trimester Classes begin
May 8th 2018 Lecturers Submit Jan – April Grades  to Deans of Schools
May 10th 2018 Deans Submit all Grades to DVC–AA
May 14th 2018 External Examiners
May 18th 2018 Academic Committee
May 24th 2018 Senate Meeting
June 1st 2018 Madaraka Day (Public Holiday – Offices Closed)
June 6th 2018 Graduation Chapel
June 7th 2018 Graduation Banquet
June 8th 2018 Graduation Rehearsal
June 11th – 16th 2018 Pre– Registration for August Trimester


June 25th  – 30th June 2018 Examinations Week (Quads and Blocks)
July 2nd– 7th 2018 Examinations Marking Week
July 9th– 28th July 2018 3 Week Blocks for Bachelors & Masters
July 30th – 4th August 2018 Examinations – Special and Blocks
August 6th  – 11th August 2018 Examinations Marking Week 2
August 6th – 17th ; 20th  – 30th 2018 PhD in Theological Studies Courses
August 13th  2018 Lecturers Submit May – August Grades to Deans of Schools
August 15th  2018 Deans of Schools Submit May – August Grades to DVC- AA
August 17th  2018 External Examiners
August 21st 2018 Academic Committee

2018-2019 Academic Calendar

 Trimester 1, AUGUST – DECEMBER 2018

August 22nd   – 24th   August, 2018 New Students Orientation
August 25th New and Continuing Students  Registration & Payment
August 27th  – 15th  December, 2018 Trimester I Classes
August 27th  2018 All 1st Trimester Classes begin
August 29th  2018 Senate
September 7th  2018 Add or Drop Course Period Ends
September  29th   2018 Students  and Staff Picnic
October 2nd   2018 Word Wide Day of Prayer
October 15th  – 22nd  2018 Mid Trimester Break
October 20th –  2018 Mashujaa Day (Public Holiday-Offices Closed)
October 23rd  – 29th  2018 Pre–Registration for January 2019 Trimester
December 3rd  – 8th  2018 End of Trimester Classes
December 12th  2018 Jamuhuri Day Public (Holiday – Offices Closed)
December 10th  – 15th  2018 Examinations Week
December 17th  – 22nd  2018 Examinations Marking Week
December 18th  – 3rd  January 2019 Students Christmas Holiday Break



                          Trimester II, JANUARY – MAY 2019    

January 1, 2019 New Year’s Day (Public Holiday – Offices closed)
January 2nd2019 Lecturers Submit August – December Grades to Deans of Schools
January 3rd – 4th 2019 New Students Orientation
January 4th 2019 New and Continuing Students Registration and Payments
January 4th 2019 Deans of Schools Submit August – December Grades to DVC-AA
January 7th – April 28th2019 Trimester II Classes
January 7th 2019 All 2nd Trimester Classes begin
January 9th  – 10th 2019 External Examiners
January 11th   2019 Academic Committee Meeting
January 17th  2019 Senate Meeting
January 19th 2019 Add or Drop Courses
February 25th   – 2nd March 2019 Mid Trimester Break
March 11th    – 16th  March 2019 Pre – Registration for May – August Trimester
March 18th   -30th  2019,April 5th -April 13th PhD in Theological Studies Courses
April 15th  –April 20th  2019 All Trimester Classes End
April 23rd  -April 29th Examination Week
April 19th  2019 Good Friday
April 21st  2019 Easter Sunday
April 22nd Easter Monday(offices closed)
April 29th –May 3rd 2019 Examination Marking Week
May 1st 2019 Labor Day Public Holiday(offices closed)