More details on inter-University Transfers for 2020/2021

Inter-University Transfers for 2020/2021 

Here are some details you might find helpful:

Are you a 2019 KCSE candidate who wishes to transfer to International Leadership University?  We have good news for you this  year, the process is   exclusively online.

NB: The KUCCPS system will be open 

from June 15, 2020 – August 15 2020.

Follow the steps below

  1. Initiate the transfer application in your KUCPPS students portal
  2. ILU will receive the application and promptly endorse it online.
  3. Your current university/college will then receive the request online and release you for transfer.
  4. Finally, KUCCPS approves and generates the TRANSFER LETTER.
  5. Download the transfer letter from your KUCCPS student portal and present it to ILU for joining instructions.