Start now; Trust God

Monday is most likely the only day one would get an opportunity to sit down for an interview with the very busy Pastor Sebastian Muthoka. He is first and foremost a child of God, a husband, a father of three children, a pastor at the Redeemed Gospel Church in Kitui, a Lecturer at the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible School and a whole lot more.

Pastor Muthoka is also a proud alumnus of International Leadership University. He credits the training he received at ILU as a major contributing factor to the many opportunities and achievements that have come into his life. He graduated in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Theology and in 2016 with a Masters degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. He is a candidate for PhD Theology.

His message through his life and ministry is simple: Trust God. He has his plans, and sometimes God’s plans are unclear to us. But he will guide us always. God promises us that His plans are good and they are to give us prosperity and hope for our future. Pastor Muthoka’s trust in God for provision and guidance has been the key to his continued success in life and ministry. He has had opportunities to minister beyond his church in Kitui through Radio and TV programs through main stream media including Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and Family Media’s Radio 316 and Television.

He has a yearning to connect with his congregants, and especially the young educated generation. His pursuit in academic knowledge is to expand his understanding of the Word and to communicate it to people in an authentic manner. He is also passionate about reaching out through training pastors in the country side in theology. He encourages theological institutions to keep seeking ways to go past the many challenges in reaching out, and find ways to reach communities where they are. In his view, the question we all need to ask ourselves on a daily basis is: how can I help?

Pastor Muthokas’s parting shot is: God is not into monuments, He is into movements. Get into it, to see the provision of God. Start now; trust God.



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