School of Business and Information technology
Welcome to the School of Business and Information Technology
A great place to …
• Experience Transformational development through the theory and practice of business and technology
• Learn under the leadership of experienced faculty with industrial experience
• Undertake a closely monitored full trimester industrial experience
• Experience learning through coaching to enhance your performance
• Have opportunity to belong to a professional association for career building
• Experience Mentorship groups for professional growth

The School of Business and Information Technology exists to educate and train men and women to be Christ-like business leaders who serve in the church, society, the market place, and the business world by spearheading spiritual, social and cultural transformation in Africa and the world.
This is achieved through intentional integration of theory and practice, strong academics, coaching and mentoring, practical industry experience, biblical values and holistic commitment to Christ’s Great Commission.
Academic Programs to suit your needs:
Masters in Business Leadership (Finance & Accounting, HR Management, Marketing Management,Supplies & Purchasing Management) (January 2018)
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)
Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology (BBIT)
Bachelor in Business Leadership (Finance & Accounting, HR Management, Marketing Management, Supplies & Purchasing Management (Sept 2017 Intake)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship( Enterprise Development,Information technology,Real estate and Energy technology enterprises)

2 Year Diplomas

Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Information Technology

1 Year Certificates

Certificate in Business Management
Certificate in Computer Packages