Awake, Arise, Alighn!!

Awake, Arise, Alighn!!

This is the emphatic call to pastors in Kenya spoken by Senior Pastor at Deliverance Church Langata, Rev  Dr Georffy Njuguna. Rev Njuguna, who is a 2002 graduate of International Leadership University (then called NIST), is pained by the apparent laxity and unwillingness of the Kenya church to get involved with national matters, to speak into the contemporary

issues and at the same time adhere cto God’s revealed word. From his executive office, Rev Njuguna explains that the church desperately needs to wake

up to the crisis our country is in and the debilitating consequences of the political decisions that rule our country. The church, he continues, needs to arise and take her rightful role as the God given voice against injustice, political domination/oppression and financial depression instigated by self seeking politicizing;

pastors need to rise up to be social transformers. Rev Njuguna, finally calls the church to align herself to the word of God which has the power to bring change,

not only for eternal life but for the present.


Dr Njuguna, attributes his strong convictions on the role the pasort and church must make on society to his training at ILU. His studies there convicned him that as a pastor,he must not only get people to heaven but he must help people learn how to live productively now. Dr Njuguna, in an efffort to impact sociey, contributes regularly to media through writing

and television broadcasts. The church he oversees has a tailoring school that provides opportunites for

training and enterprenureship to those marginalized in our socity. Also, the Church, in partnership

with other churches, supports Love,INC which offers transformation to those in need by providing a network of varied resources.


Dr Njuguna gave his life to Christ while a student in highschool and after working for the governemetn, resigned to pursue theological education locally and abroad. Deliverance Church Langata was establised in

1993 and will be celbrating her Silver Jubilee in 2018.

Dr Njuguna and his wife, Elizabeth, who is also a graduate of Intenaional Leadership University, have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

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